Walk-In Safety Shower Tips & Information

Bathroom Safety Upgrades

Bathroom due for a fun, luxurious upgrade? You might take a look at a curbless walk-in shower.

The curbless walk-in shower is not only modern, but has many built-in safety features.

The Curbless Walk-In Shower - 6 Bathroom Remodeling Benefits For Seniors

Veteran Benefits

Walk-in showers are a safe and affordable solution for disabled veterans. From the Special Home Adaptation Grant (SHA) to the HISA grant, learn how to get the maximum amount covered from the VA.


What are considered safe showers for seniors? With the number of slippery surfaces in the bathroom, it’s an important question. In this article, we explore the four main considerations when it comes to shower safety and fall risks. Learn how a walk-in shower can help prevent falls and so much more.

All About Safe Showers for Seniors
Walk-In Shower Guide

Shower Guide

Walk-in showers for seniors can make all the difference when it comes to your safety and independence. This guide is a great place to get started. Learn the top bathroom safety features, how to decide between a walk-in shower or tub, how much it might cost to install, and so much more.

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