Walk-In Showers For Seniors:

Safety & Accessibility

Walk-In Shower With Bench Seat

Looking to Replace that Old Slippery Bathtub with a Safe Stylish Shower?

Are you searching for a way to make bathing safe and maintain independence? Have you been needing help getting out of the tub?

Walk-in showers provide a safer alternative to traditional bathtubs, with features designed to reduce slips & falls. These easy-entry showers help improve safety and independence at any stage of life.

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Safety Features With a Stylish Look

Converting your old slippery tub & shower combo doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. All of the latest bathroom shower materials are available with the addition of safety features like no-lip wheel chair entry, bench seating, accessible storage niches, non-slip surfaces, easy access handheld shower fixtures, & grab bars & safety rails.

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Wheel Chair Accessible Walk-In Shower

Select the Safety Features You Need

Customize the Appearance & Safety Features of Your New Shower

Non-Slip Shower Floors

Non-Slip Shower Surfaces

Reduce the risk of slips & falls with textured materials that don't get slippery when wet.

Shower With Bench Seat

Showers With Built-In Seating

Every design you choose has available seating options for ultimate accessibility.

Shower Safety Rails & Grab Bars

Shower Safety Rails & Grab Bars

Add grab bars & safety rails to your design. You can place these in the shower and/or outside.

Handheld Shower Heads & Fixtures

Handheld Shower Heads & Fixtures

Fully customize the placement & length of your handheld shower heads & fixtures.

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Safe Cost-Effective Shower Features

Aging In Place

Safety Features & Aging In Place

With top-notch safety features like grab bars, anti-slip surfaces and low-entry & threshold, walk-in showers reduce fall risk and help seniors maintain independence.

Walk-In Shower Cost & Pricing

Shower Conversion Cost & Pricing

Enjoy high-end amenities without the high price tag. A walk-in shower is an affordable bathroom update that adds value to your home and safety to age in place at home.

Rainfall Shower Head

Relaxing Updated Shower Features

Upgrade to a more spa-like experience. From rainfall shower heads to massaging jets, walk-in showers are designed with the utmost comfort and relaxation in mind.

No-Hassle Pricing

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Walk-In Shower Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a walk-in shower cost?

This is our most frequently asked question. A variety of factors are involved with pricing a walk-in shower. The options and features you choose, the installation location in your home, and flooring / surrounding structures. This is why we offer free standing shower quotes and installation pricing.

Does Medicare cover walk-in showers?

Does Medicare cover bathroom equipment? It’s a common and important question. When we've seen coverage offered, it has been from private supplemental Medicare coverage, and only through a process involving a doctors prescription or directive. Unfortunately, this is not common.

Are there VA-approved walk-in showers?

Walk-in showers support healthy home care and accessibility needs for veterans. Your walk-in shower may qualify for the Veterans Affairs Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) program. They may also be considered an unreimbursed medical expense. VA options are certainly worth exploring and may help reduce overall walk-in shower prices. Learn tips for a disabled veteran bathroom remodel in our blog.

Will my walk-in shower leak?

No. They are specially designed to safeguard against leaks. However, ask your installer for specific warranty details. There are ways to further protect your home and your investment in a walk-in safety shower.  

Is maintaining a walk-in shower a hassle?

No. In fact, most find them much easier to maintain than a traditional tub/shower combo. And opting for a detachable shower head makes cleaning much easier. It’s one of the best bathing options for elderly populations due to its ease of use and low maintenance.

Will this fit in my house?

You can get a walk-in shower as a direct replacement of an existing tub. There are no restrictions for fit in your home. This is true for those with average shower size to those with more nontraditional spaces. If you'd like a larger shower or more custom solution, that's certainly available, too.


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Our mission is to find you an affordable walk-in shower best suited to your personal needs and dream bathroom design. It’s why we help over 25,000 seniors each year find safe shower solutions and age in place at home! Ready to transform you bathroom?

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