There are many things to consider when completing a disabled veteran bathroom remodel. And the shower is at the top of the list. An accessible shower can help senior veterans and those with disabilities maintain independence at home.

It’s important to learn all about the best solutions for updating the bathroom in your home to meet your personal needs. Also important? Reviewing your VA options to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

From walk-in showers to other bathroom adaptations, there are three ways to get the maximum amount covered from the VA.

Walk-in Shower Benefits for Disabled Veterans and Service Members

An affordable walk-in shower is a helpful solution for individuals with mobility needs. There are many ways to accommodate physical challenges. It’s always important to work with a shower professional for the best experience and overall design.

What kind of accessibility features can you expect from a walk-in shower?

One popular option is a curbless shower entry. This eliminates the small step, which can be a safety hazard. Instead, there is a flat surface.

It is one of the most sought-after features when it comes to safe showers for seniors and disabled veterans alike. With no need to step into a slick shower, those with compromised balance can access the area with little to no help.

In addition, grab bars can offer extra support in the shower. The installation of grab bars make it safer for everyone — even those who rely on canes or a wheelchair — to enjoy a relaxing shower experience.

3 Housing Grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs

Walk-in showers can be surprisingly affordable, and even more so when there’s the ability to apply a grant toward the costs. There may not be specific VA-approved walk-in showers, but you might qualify for one of the three main VA housing grants.

Tips for a Disabled Veteran Bathroom Remodel

Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)

First, the Specially Adapted Housing SAH grant provides service members and veterans financial assistance to remodel, build or purchase a home to accommodate a disability. The veteran can use the grant to pay for whatever accommodation is needed to manage a disability.

The grant covers specific disabilities that are connected to one's service. These include the loss or loss of use of both legs. A veteran who uses braces, crutches, canes, or other devices may qualify for this disability housing grant. Other potential qualifications include:

  • The loss of use of one leg, combined with organic disease or injury or residuals of organic disease
  • Blindness in both eyes, having only light perception plus loss of visual acuity to 20/200 or less
  • Severe burn injuries
  • And more
Walk-In Shower With Grab Bars & Handrails

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Special Home Adaptation Grant (SHA)

Next, the Special Home Adaptation Grant (SHA) grant will help pay for improvements to make your home more accessible. Adaptions to the existing home, such as remodeling the bathroom or installing a wheelchair ramp, are examples of how these funds are often used.

Special housing adaption that allows you to stay in your home is important for both physical and mental well-being. If you are mostly independent, only requiring occasional help from a family member, this grant may also make it possible to remain in your existing home.

  • Potential qualifications for the SHA grant include:
    Inability to use one’s hands
    Select burn injuries
    Some respiratory ailments
    And more

In 2021, qualifying veteran recipients can receive a maximum of $20,215.

For full 2021 VA qualifications or to apply for either of these disability housing grants, visit

Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant (HISA)

Lastly, the HISA grant pays for improvements and structural alterations that are necessary for disability access.

In fact, walk-in showers are specifically noted as a solution under HISA to assist veterans in the use of facilities. They are referred to as “roll in” showers on the VA website.

Another benefit of the HISA grant? The injury or disability does not need to be service-related to qualify.

The cap on home improvement and structural alterations is $6,800 for service-connected disabilities and $2,000 for non-service-connected disabilities. Here is the VA’s current application to submit for a 2021 HISA grant.

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