Bathroom due for a fun, luxurious upgrade? You might take a look at a curbless walk-in shower.
The curbless walk-in shower is not only modern, but has many built-in safety features.
Not to mention, luxury is within reach. Installing a zero-threshold shower can be surprisingly affordable and full of benefits for seniors, in particular.
From easier to clean to easier to access, here are some of the many bathroom remodeling benefits for seniors.

Benefit #1: Easy Accessibility

The entryway to any shower is important. And it often becomes even more important for elderly adults seeking to “age in place,” or remain at home in later years.

A curbless walk-in shower has an easy-entry shower design. There is no shower curb to carefully step over. This removes many of the obstacles for entering what can be a slick space in your bathroom.

Curbless showers reduce the risk of a fall or accident for everyone, but is especially helpful for seniors and those with disabilities. In fact, many wheelchair users use no-threshold showers as a “roll-in shower”.

The increased safety, reduced fall risk and improved accessibility provide tangible benefits. In some instances, it can even reduce the need for extra assistance when showering. This can certainly help maintain privacy and independence.

Benefit #2: Top Safety Showers

In the absence of a threshold, the shower system uses gravity and a slightly tilted shower floor to keep water flowing in the correct direction. The shower’s unique design naturally directs the water flow toward discrete linear drains.

This means water will not pile up near your feet. It also means you don’t have to worry about water escaping from your shower.

Want extra protection from a slippery shower floor? There are a number of options for special flooring materials with anti-slip properties.

When it comes to anti-slip flooring, it's all about comfort and creating an environment that reduces the risk of slipping and falling.

Grab bars are another helpful solution that will further improve the shower's safety. Balance is a common concern for seniors, and additional safety features can mean renewed confidence while showering.

Prefer to take a seat in your shower? A curbless walk-in shower makes that simple. The absence of a threshold means a shower seat can be moved in and out of the shower area with relative ease.

The Curbless Walk-In Shower - 6 Bathroom Remodeling Benefits For Seniors
Walk-In Shower With Grab Bars & Handrails

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Benefit #3: Easier to Clean

The curb or threshold of a traditional shower is the step that typically separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom floor. It is also a trap for soap, dirt and bacteria. In short, it is one of the trickiest spots to clean.

With a curbless shower, there is no threshold. This means less gunk and soap scum build-up, which makes cleaning quick and simple.

Here’s another cleaning area for comparison: drains. You’ll often find plug holes in traditional showers, which are known for clogging up pretty quickly.

Due to their design, many curbless showers use linear drains. These stretch over a larger surface area and are not as susceptible to clogging. In addition, they are easy to remove, clean and replace.

Another bonus? Most have no shower doors to clean! In all, the curbless walk-in shower is a cleaner shower.

Benefit #4: Great for Small Spaces

A small space can still be a luxurious space. And the curbless walk-in shower presents a real advantage here.

The curbless walk-in shower offers true flexibility when it comes to sizing. As there is no shower base, these special showers can be readily adapted to fit the space available. They are custom designed for your bathroom.

So if you’ve been wondering: Will this walk-in shower fit in my bathroom? The answer is: Yes!

Another space-saving bonus? If you choose not to have a shower door, you also don’t need the extra room to open or close the shower door. A shower curtain is always an option for extra privacy.

Walk-In Shower With Grab Bars & Handrails

Need Some Help Upgrading to a Safe Walk-In Shower?

Speak to one of our local representatives for a free estimate and get answers to any questions. Did we mention it's free?

Benefit #5: Fun Luxury Additions

It’s time to turn up the fun in your bathroom remodel!

First, there’s the option to add some heated floors in your curbless walk-in shower. Heated floors! It’s a wonderful way to warm up on a winter night.

These special floors can also be a smart addition if you’ve chosen not to install a shower door. Heat from the hot water can disperse quickly if there’s no barrier to hold it in. Heated floors help counter heat loss. Not to mention, they create a spa-like experience.

Another luxurious option? A rain showerhead.

This is also often referred to as a rain head or a rainfall showerhead. There’s nothing more relaxing than water falling on your back and shoulders. Once known for a lighter waterflow, newer models of rain showerheads feature improved water pressure.

Benefit #6: Contemporary Aesthetics

Clean lines. Open concept. Luxury features. Barrier-free showers are beautifully modern.

In addition to enjoying a spa-like experience at home, an updated bathroom can provide a great return on investment. When it comes to design, you’ll often find tile used on the walls of these sleek showers.

In keeping with current trends, curbless walk-in showers have almost become a standard feature when renovating a bathroom. Homeowners - and homebuyers alike - are seeking a calming bathroom oasis.

This type of shower provides all of that and so much more.

The functionality offered by a curbless walk-in shower adds to their popularity. No traditional shower door. No traditional shower tray or shower pan. It provides contemporary aesthetics and improved functionality.

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Ready for that dream bathroom remodel? There are so many reasons why a curbless walk-in shower is worth a look. It brings the spa-like experience to your bathroom while improving bathroom safety for seniors.

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